Book of Lost Lore

Clint Bellanger

Greyrose is a free town tucked away in the shadows of the old kingdom. It's home to the artisans, makers, and merchants of the greater Rosewood Valley. It is a hub of commerce during harvest and a place of refuge during war.

Farming estates adorn the valley like patchwork. A peasant boy waves at you from across radish and cabbage fields. This side of the valley is guarded in relative safety -- there is always one watchtower within sight on a clear day. The tower just ahead is adorned with the colors of Greyrose: a pale green flag with a stylized crimson rosebud. This must be the last tower; you can see the city walls at the horizon.

Although Greyrose has a small population, it is -- necessarily -- built like a fortress. The rough stonework is not the same color throughout; the proud history of the town is evident in how many times the walls have been repaired.

Two guards face you as you approach the Main Gate. One points to a sign on the wall behind her: "All manner of weapons prohibited within city walls (citizens and guards exc.)". You cannot afford citizenship so you have few choices here.

Hand over your Shortsword and enter Greyrose

Walk around Greyrose and continue your quest