iTunes RSS <item> Generator

Once you have your iTunes RSS xml file set up, use this form to create new Item entries once your new podcast episode is complete. Fill out the form below and click Generate.
Try to avoid these symbols: < > &

Episode Title (appears as Name in iTunes list view)
Author (appears as Artist in iTunes list view)
Item Subtitle (appears as Description in iTunes list view)
Episode Show Description
URL to the .mp3
Type (if using .mp3, don't change this)
File Size bytes (not kilobytes or megabytes. No commas.)
Duration (hours, minutes, seconds)
Keywords (separated by commas)
Explicit? (yes or no)

Open your rss/xml file in a plain text editor like Notepad (if you use something like WordPad or Word it could mess things up). You'll see the file is structured like this:

  Header Info
  General info about the podcast as a whole
  <item> for newest episode
  <item> for previous episode
  <item> for oldest episode

Paste all of the following text just above the first <item>, making this the newest item.

Now your iTunes podcast feed should be ready to go.

Created by Clint Bellanger (C) 2009
Released under GPL 2 or later