Book of Lost Lore

Clint Bellanger

Most people get into dungeon diving out of desperation. A few come back from the depths with a pocketful of tarnished silver coins. This only sends more fools headlong into their own tombs.

But you're not desperate. You keep reminding yourself this as you walk.

The road to the township of Greyrose is covered in gold and crimson leaves. Something about Autumn flares up the wanderlust inside you. You tug your travel cloak closed as a high-pitched wind startles away the silence.

You know you're not desperate because you've come prepared. You have a backpack of rations and enough coppers for a refill. You have a small bedroll and comfortable boots. But most of all you have the tools of the trade.

Strapped to your belt is a steel Shortsword. You don't plan to pick any fights, but dungeon denizens won't be so well mannered. Use the Shortsword to defend yourself against natural creatures.